Coat Of Arms

Your design should be made up of “clues” about yourself so that your friends would recognise it as being yours.

(Click here and print the outline of the shield).

1. COLOURS – choose your two favourite colours for the background of your shield.

2. SHIELD – this should include something about what you like to do (e.g. hobby, sport).

3. SUPPORTERS – these appear either side of the shield and can be animals or people.

4. CREST – this appears at the top of the coat of arms and shows something associated with your name. It could be an animal that rhymes with it or something that depicts it, or one that says something about your character..5. MOTTO – this appears at the bottom of the coat of arms and would normally be three words describing why the knight would be a good ally. Think of three words that sum up your strengths


Here is the coat of arms the 1st Lord Cobbold designed when he was knighted in 1960.

On the Shield the gold circles represent money, as Lord Cobbold was Governor of the Bank of England.

On the crown the lion’s crown is cobalt (Cobbold) blue.

His supporters are his favourite pet labradors, Bella and Lena. The motto “Rebus Augustis Fortis” means “Strength Through Adversity”.