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An extrordinary glimpse of the author of "Peter Pan", J.M.Barrie, playing pirates in the film "The Yellow Week At Stanway ~ a record of fair women and brainy men ~ 1923" a home movie by Nicholas Llewellyn Davies and a group of his close friends, including Antony, Viscount Knebworth.

Antony was killed in a flying accident ten years later. J.M.Barrie wrote of him: "Few on the whole have had such a happy life, and it could not have been as happy without his jolly miseries, which were as entrancing as all the rest of him. Perhaps his laugh was his richest part. However grim the mood, it was sure to be caught out by his laugh. I have never heard a more glorious laugh in man or boy; it overfilled him: I think he laughed last in his last moment, or one prefers to believe his laugh accompanies him still." [Antony: A Record of Youth (1935)]

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