Knebworth Garden Sculpture Trail

We hope you enjoyed this year’s Sculpture Trail   in the formal gardens.

Artists from Hertfordshire and surrounding areas were invited to submit pieces of work which reflected our changing experiences of both the informal and formal garden environment. Most of the pieces were for sale, and it offered a wonderful opportunity to choose a piece for your own garden or perhaps commission a new work. Contact details for the artists are below.


Interactive map of the Sculpture Trail



Gallery of Sculptures

Thank you to Sharon Struckman for her photographs in the Gallery

Our Artists

If you are interested in purchasing/commissioning a piece of work, please contact the artist directly.

Name: Hazel Godfrey

Description: Two willow towers

Material: Willow

Size: 2.5 m x 60 cm, 2.17 m x 60 cm dia

Selling price: £450/£400 inc VAT

Contact details:


Web Site:

Phone:0790 5689602

Biography: Hazel is a practising willow artist and her work lies within the ‘crossover’ point of craft and art. She makes commissioned work for private and public settings, leads willow workshops and demonstrates at events. Hazel also grows her own willow on a plantation near her home and studio in North Hertfordshire.  During the summer, Hazel will be holding  a drop-in willow workshop for  visitors.

Artist’s statement: Hazel writes “The work I make is firmly located in my exploration and experience of nature and our relationship with the land. I use an ancient but familiar weaving material to make sculptural work that often has a strong connection to the garden. The techniques I use are both traditional and contemporary and I enjoy that journey from the past to the present.”

Name: Paul Rowbottom

Title of work: Celtic Connection

Material: Purbeck stone and forged iron

Size: 80 cm x 15 cm x 1.25 m

Selling price: £8,000 inc VAT

Contact details:


Phone: 07946 189670

Biography: Paul trained as a sculptor at Leicester Polytechnic and Les Arts Decoratif, Strasbourg. He is active in creating tile panels for school and community settings, and has been involved in the restoration of the Odyssey cinema, St Albans. Paul’s stone carving and ceramics use traditional methods and attempt to create work which is both contemporary in feel yet reaches back to an ancient heritage. His work has been exhibited at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens.

Artist’s Statement. This work of unadorned simplicity, combining limestone from the Jurassic coast and forged iron, takes the ancient symbol of eternity and suggests a paradoxical state of gravity ‘defying’ yet earth bound stone at the interface of the temporal world; anchored yet supported by forged iron. A boundless form in precarious equilibrium.

Name: Louise Bradfield

Title of work: Stag:

Material: Recycled horseshoes

Selling price: £4000, inc VAT

Contact details:


Phone: 0788 1103758

Biography: Louise is a self-taught metal sculptor based in Newmarket. She uses recycled horseshoes to create life-sized animal sculptures and bespoke furniture. The Stag is made up of over 250 horseshoes, with a mane made from cut and twisted horseshoes.

Name: African Creations

Description: Giraffes

Material Recycled Oil Drums

Size: Small giraffe  approx.  2.5 m high, large giraffe approx. 3.3m high.Selling price Large Giraffe £2,500 Small Giraffe: £1,200 inc VAT

Description: Two Horses

Material: Recycled Oil Drums

Selling price Large Horse £1,650 Small Horse £1,100 inc VAT

Contact details:

Web Site:


Phone: 01242 604610

Artists Statement: Made from recycled oil drums. The artist makes a frame with galvanised wire and then welds each piece onto this frame. These sculptures are all unique and vary in size depending on the shape of neck and position of head. The artist has captured the grace and elegance of this beautiful animal perfectly. These pieces are delivered and secured in place.

Name: Friedel Buecking

Description: Three Duck forms

Material: Carved wood

Size: 1m x 85 x 80 cm

Selling price: £600/£600/£500 – or £1500 for all 3 pieces inc VAT

Contact details:

Phone: 0789 0008957

Biography: Friedel works mainly with the chain saw; and for some 30 years has made rocking pieces, sculpted furniture and carvings of animals, people and abstract shapes. His ‘playscapes’ and monumental outdoor sculptures in oak are found in many sites in and around London have been commissioned by community initiatives, schools and local authorities. Friedel works at Gabriel’s Wharf next to the Oxo Tower in London most weekends.

Name: Anne Curry MRBS

Title of work: Iris Germanica Flower Bud

Material: Bronze resin edition of 6 (bronze available)

Size: 165 x 75 x 150 cm (edition of 6)

Selling price: £9600 exc VAT

Title of work: La Promesse: Iris Foetida Seed Pod

Material : Bronze resin edition of 9 (bronze available)

Size 1.57 m x 1.25 m x 1.55 m

Contact details:


Phone: 01799 550368

Biography: Anne Curry is a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. She started as a portrait sculptor and became fascinated by plant forms which, for her embody the power, relentless purpose and effortless elegance of life itself. For the past six years, she has sought to translate the forms of nature into large sculptures. First carved in polystyrene they are then cast in resin or bronze. They can be viewed by appointment in her own sculpture garden near Saffron Walden.

Name: Elizabeth Cahill

Title of work: Angelina

Material: Clay, steel on wooden base

Size: 80 x 60 x 1.27 m

Selling price: £400 exc VAT

Contact details:


Phone: 0788 4498948

Artists Statement:

Elizabeth’s work comes from a past and present state of anxiety where vocal language is not present and so a visual is created. She has a cathartic and tenacious working process that exposes the most fragile and vulnerable state of being in the form of anamorphic and bodily sculptures. Angelina is an elegant and intimate form poised upon a wooden pallet. The ceramic piece is inspired by the human form and its fragmented state of social and gender identity which reflect society and contemporary discourse.

Name: Elspeth Bland-Dear

Title of work: Transition

Material: Mild steel

Size: 2m x 2m x 2m h

Selling price: POA

Contact details: via

Biography: Elspeth is an Upper Sixth form student at St Christopher School in Letchworth Garden City.  She is planning to go to Art College  in New York in September and then to pursue a career as an Artist. This is her first public exhibition.

Artists Statement: Elspeth writes: “My sculpture was created for the Bee Garden at school.  Inspiration came from the juxtaposition of a large regimented fence, which cut through the organic natural shapes of trees and grass around the space.  The central panel of the sculpture represents the flowing mass of natural shapes within the trees, in direct contrast with the straight metal bars flowing downwards.  These ‘legs’ represent both the way that man cuts into natural forms, but also the more organic way that sunlight pours through the gaps in trees in a similarly linear and plunging way.  The scale of the piece works well to act as a landmark to help the bees find their way back to the adjacent hives.  Its open form allows nature to prosper, as bees can fly freely through the sculpture and plants can be seen, as well as grow around and up it.   The piece is constructed from MIG welded mild steel, designed to rust naturally and thereby mature gradually in harmony with its surroundings.  This is in sympathy with nature, and the way living things never stay the same.”


Name: Dawn Dominic

Title of work: Greeters

Material: Steel rod

Size: 180 cm

Selling price: £1000 exc VAT

Contact details:


Phone: 07867 906192

Biography: Dawn’s primary inspiration centres on physical, emotional and perceptional changes in women over time, utilising insights gained from a customer focussed career, and an ongoing transitional journey. Dawn fashions a wide range of natural, man-made and recycled materials into new artwork. She is a member of HVA, APC and ESA and shows/demonstrates at local exhibitions.

Name: Peter Lardi

Title of work: Fertility

Material: Cedar and dichroic glass

Size: 2 m x 35 cm

Selling price: £485 exc VAT

Contact details:


Phone: 01442 213847

Biography: Following a career in civil engineering, Peter enrolled at UH for a  BA Fine Art course graduating in 2004 Since then he has had commission to produce  sculptural work by several major local organisations including  Hatfield Sports Village and Saracens Rugby Club HQ.

Artists Statement: Peter’s work relates primarily to using discarded material from construction sources such as sawmills. These provide a rich variety of material with hidden characteristics which are exposed by deconstruction and reconstruction. He tries to achieve minimal intervention and simplicity with this transformation. The work then emerging displays unique and natural 3D forms.

The work focuses on fertility. It incorporates a stylized image of a flower pistil, the feminine part of a flower, central to plant reproduction. The femininity is further emphasized by the sensuous curving form of the cedar panel. The work is most suitable for locating in a conservatory or garden room.

Name: Dennis Heath & Dave Flemons

Description: Table and chairs

Material: carved wood   POA

Contact details:



Phone 07900 240562

Biography: Dennis was a forester and his passion for wildlife and conservation inspired me to take up carving with the chainsaw for a hobby some years ago. He became a fellow of Digswell Arts Trust and developed a liking for the quickness of the art and the rustic finish. He inspired by nature and history.

Dave Flemons retired from Hertfordshire Police and went into tree surgery, and joined Dennis in late 2008.They are based in Knebworth Park.