Music At Knebworth

Music has featured throughout Knebworth's history. The old hall was alive with music in the Sixties - that's the 1760s - when Scotland's foremost composer of that century, Sir James Oswald was married to Leonora Lytton and composing popular hits such as "Knebworth Jig".

In the 19th Century, Wagner's breakthrough opera, "Rienzi", was based on the novel by Edward Bulwer Lytton. And Bulwer Lytton's hit play, "The Lady of Lyons", became the source of the very first indigenous American opera, "Leonora" by William Henry Fry.


Of course, here in the 21st Century, Knebworth Park is internationally known as Britain's largest music venue, and the British home of classic rock.

RobbieWilliams Live at Knebworth ~ August 2003

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