Victor’s Victorian Ventures KS1/KS2


Your students will secure knowledge and understanding of British, local and world history as they discover Victorian Knebworth House  through the eyes of a child that lived here, as the servants of the household show your group how life was different for both rich and poor.


This activity day will develop understanding of Victorian Britain, knowledge of local history and chronology. It may be used to provide a background to the life of a significant Victorian figure or to enrich understanding of a historical theme such as toys or leisure.

What to expect

You will spend the morning in the House by dividing into smaller groups and visiting various rooms, each one containing a different activity and led by one of our costumed Guides. These include:

Victorian Dress – will you model one of our costumes?

Victorian ‘literacy’ – try your hand at Victorian calligraphy or use a slate and pencil

All sorts of objects – join the servants in sorting and tidying up. But do you know what all of these things are?

Growing up in a Nursery – find out what it’s like to spend your childhood in this room, who you’d be with and what you would do

Come out to Play! – try out our collection of Victorian replica toys and see how different they are to what’s at home.

In the afternoon, your group will explore the Gardens, learning how the outside space was used by the Victorians.


Please arrive by 10.00 am to get ready for your day. We will meet your coach and show you the facilities. You will then be taken through the Garden to the House where the programme starts at 10.15 am promptly  There is a lunch break at around 12.00 midday for students to have their packed lunch. Your guide will show you the outdoor picnic tables at the Barns where you can have your picnic.

If you would like to book a visit to the Gift Shop during the lunch break, please indicate this on the booking form. Students will enjoy browsing the wide range of affordable souvenirs. Alternatively, we can make up pre-paid  themed goody bags to various price points. Please discuss with the group bookings team. 

The afternoon session commences at around 1.00 pm  and concludes around 2.15 pm to enable you to rejoin your coach in good time for the trip back to school.


There is also a ‘Victorian’ Loans box for schools. Read more