The Garden Story Trail KS2/KS3


Your pupils will be inspired by our popular ‘Garden Story Trail’, as they encounter magical moments from diverse tales such as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Peter Pan and Twelfth Night. This programme is an ideal outdoor afternoon option to follow on from indoor literacy programmes such as Inspiring Young Writers, or it can be scheduled as a morning activity with a free-play afternoon.


This is a literacy themed session which offers a chance for students to gather ideas for story writing, using the garden setting. Features of the garden are used to suggest  examples from children’s literature.

What to expect

At the start of the Story Trail, each team will be  given a map and tasked to complete the trail. The students and their teacher or adult helper follow the route around the gardens, including the maze and the Dinosaur Trail, gathering ideas for their own stories. At the end of the session, students sketch out their story idea in a cartoon format, with notes to create a storyboard. Each team then  ‘pitches’ their idea to the guides. Lunch and afternoon activities are outdoors – please dress suitably.


Your programme will start after lunch, at around 12.45 pm. Most schools depart at around 2.15 pm in good time for the trip back to school.

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